Special Events

Thursday, August 29: Trivia Night

Thursday, October 31: Halloween Party

Upcoming Entertainment @ Silverthorn!

Sunday, August 18th - 3-7pm - Jerry Galanti
Monday, August 19th - 5-9pm - Frank Dancey
Tuesday, August 20th - 5-9pm - Richard Gomez
Sunday, August 25th - 3-7pm - George Mac
Monday, August 26th - 5-9pm - Cristi Massey
Tuesday, August 27th - 5-9pm- Dave Freeman (Dave LIVE)
Sunday, September 1st - 3-7 - Jerry Galanti
Monday, September 2nd - 5-9pm - Frankie Raye
Tuesday, September 3rd - 5-9pm - Richard Gomez
Sunday, September 8th - 3-7pm - Zach Stringer
Monday, September 9th - 5-9pm - Frank Dancey
Tuesday, September 10th - 5-9pm - Jerry Galanti
Sunday, Septpember 15th 3-7pm - Cristi Masey
Monday, September 16th - 5-9pm - George Mac
Tuesday, September 17th - 5-9pm - Frank Dancey
Sunday, September 22nd - 3-7pm - Allen Draughon Duo
Monday, September 23rd - 5-9pm - Richard Gomez
Tuesday, September 24th - 5-9pm - George Mac
Sunday, September 29th - 3-7pm - Jerry Galanti
Monday, September 30th - 5-9pm - Cristi Masey

Member Events


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